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Thunder Hill Growers

Welcome to Thunder Hill Growers, a privately owned propagation and container plant nursery, located in Knoxville, Georgia. The facilities are located in Crawford County,: just west of Macon and 70 miles south of Atlanta. Long growing seasons and plentiful rainfall are the key ingredients to the successful production of our fully rooted tree stock. Planted by hand and nourished by nature, we feel we have a superior product for a superior client. We propagate all of our own stock from seed, cuttings and grafting to ensure quality control from start to finish. We believe in producing a tree we would want to own. We grow 200,000 liners in propagation houses that are monitored daily for correct conditions to ensure you receive a product that is healthy and disease free. Our container grown stock are grown in a unique growing system that gives you a tree that is fully rooted in a pot and equally balanced with portioned height and width growth.

We supply to the field grower, Christmas tree farmer and finished container nurseries. Please view our photos on this site to see the quaility stock that is offered.